A diamond is one of the most valuable gemstones to date

What does your birthstone say about you?

During the Middle Ages, ancient healers believed all gemstones had special powers; the precious stones either had the ability to assist with health, wealth or luck. However, during this time the value of the gemstone didn’t play an important role, but rather the colour.
A synthetic diamond looks and feels like a natural diamond

Real diamonds vs synthetic diamonds

Natural or real diamonds were formed around 150km-200km below the earth’s crust over 3 billion years ago, while synthetic, lab-grown diamonds are created by man. It took extensive research and multiple scientists to develop an alternative to natural diamonds.
In 1867 a 15-year-old named, Erasmus Jacobs discovered the first diamond in SA

South Africa changed the diamond industry forever

South Africa is known for its beautiful landscape, wildlife, sunny weather and also for its diamond, gold and platinum reserves. However, it wasn’t until the late 1800s when the discovery of the first diamond in South Africa made diamonds more attainable to the middle class, changing the worldwide diamond industry forever.
The Kimberley Process was put in place to ensure ethical mining took place worldwide

All you need to know about ethical diamond mining

In 2006 a film called, Blood Diamond, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, took the entire world by storm. Not only did the movie bring unethical diamond mining to everyone’s attention, but it gave a very powerful message regarding conflict diamonds.
The diamond jeweller will send the ring or jewellery item for a series of quality checks

What is it like being a diamond jeweller?

There’s nothing more fascinating than the journey of a diamond from mine to finger. Not only will a rough diamond undergo multiple steps before it reaches the hands of a skilled jeweller, but a diamond will continue a remarkable process after it arrives in a jewellery workshop.
Creating a diamond setting is an extremely delicate process

What does it take to be a diamond setter?

When it comes to the design of an engagement ring, a diamond takes centre stage. Therefore, it’s very important for a skilful diamond setter to be involved in the process of jewellery making. But why exactly is that?
Diamond Cutter Cape Town Diamond Museum

What does it take to be a diamond cutter?

When it comes to your engagement ring, there’s more to the diamond than meets the eye. Not only does it take multiple steps before the stone features on your ring, but it also takes the handiwork of a skilful craftsman, i.e. a talented diamond cutter. But what exactly does it take to be a diamond cutter?
Natural pink and red diamonds are extremely rare in nature

Why aren’t all diamonds white in colour?

Imagine holding a beautiful diamond in the palm of your hand. What is the very first characteristic you envision the diamond to have? For most individuals, the very first thought that jumps to mind is a sparkly colourless gemstone you usually find on an engagement ring.
Rough diamonds are mined before they can be sold to the manufacturer

The complete diamond supply chain from mine to finger

Did you know the mining practice of a rough diamond started more than a 1000 years ago? But what’s even more fascinating is the fact that even after so many years the process of finding and distributing a rough diamond still remain relatively the same.