A diamond with the perfect symmetry and proportion will feature a lot of sparkle

Does a diamond with more facets sparkle more?

In most cases, it’s considered a good thing to have more, rather than to have less. A reason why most people would easily assume a diamond with more facets will give more sparkle. But, is giving a diamond more facets truly what it takes to achieve more brilliance, fire and scintillation?
Understanding a Diamond Girdle Cape Town Diamond Museum

All you need to know about a diamond girdle

The skill that goes into a rough diamond in order to produce a faceted gemstone is something to be admired. When planning the best cut for a diamond, a master diamond cutter will assess the rough stone and determine how to finish the girdle regardless of whether the diamond is a brilliant cut or a step cut.
People around the world show their appreciation for their mothers on Mother’s Day

Explore the fascinating history of Mother’s Day

A mother’s love has no limits – when it comes to her love and devotion there’s simply nothing your mother won’t do for you. Therefore, in many countries individuals around the world have decided to dedicate a special day especially for their mothers. But, how exactly did the idea behind Mother’s Day originate?
The song is about the amount of love and affection Prince will give a person

Top 10 popular songs about diamonds

Throughout the ages, a diamond has represented love, prosperity, endurance and perseverance. There’s no denying the symbolism behind the remarkable gemstone is endless, therefore it remains a popular topic, especially amongst artists.
Brilliant Vs Step Cut Cape Town Diamond Museum

Brilliant cuts vs step cuts

It’s truly remarkable to see a diamond being transformed from a rough diamond into a beautiful faceted gem. It’s especially fascinating to see the various diamonds shapes and cuts that are polished from a rough diamond. There are essentially two broad types of diamond cuts, a brilliant cut and a step cut.
The Jonker diamond was named after, Johannes Jacobus Jonker and weighs 726 carats

Top 8 largest diamonds in the world

Did you know the largest and arguably the most famous gem-quality diamond ever to be found is the beautiful Cullinan diamond? The rough diamond weighed a staggering 3106 carats when it was found in South Africa by Sir Thomas Cullinan, in 1905.
The GIA certificate will serve as proof of the diamond’s qualities and value

How should you read a GIA diamond certificate?

When it comes to a diamond the characteristics play a tremendous role in the value and uniqueness of the gemstone. Therefore, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) established a global standard to which a diamond’s characteristics is measured; these measurements include the clarity, carat weight, cut and colour (known as the 4Cs of diamond grading).
Diamond Certification GIA Report Serial Cape Town Diamond Museum

The importance of a diamond certificate

It’s easy to get distracted by the beauty of a diamond before and after purchasing it. But, do bear in mind, if you’re planning on buying a diamond it is extremely important to make sure you receive a diamond certificate.