The World’s Most Famous Pear-Shaped Diamonds | CT Diamond Museum

There’s nothing more beautiful than an out of the ordinary diamond cut. It takes an experienced diamond cutter years to master the extraordinary skill of cutting and polishing a diamond to display the perfect balance of fire, brilliance and scintillation.

The Tradition Of Engagement Rings On The Left Hand

For many years, women and men around the world have been wearing diamond engagement rings to represent their unconditional love for one another. But the question remains, where did this age-old tradition originate from and most importantly, why do we wear our rings on the left hand?

Heritage Day In The Mother City

Famous for being one of the most extraordinary destinations in the world, the Mother City has a wide range of exceptional activities to offer. The world-renowned and popular city is rich with culture and heritage, becoming the perfect place to celebrate the South Africa’s diversity.

The Trends Of Diamond Rings Through History

From Medieval times to the 21st century, diamonds have always been one of the most durable and extraordinary gemstones. It’s doesn’t matter the time period, a diamond will always remain a fashionable jewellery creation. Even though the cut and setting of a diamond might have changed over the years, a diamond still remains a remarkable symbol of love.