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For the love of art and diamonds

When it comes to diamonds, the symbolic meaning is just as powerful as the stone itself. The shapes, textures and materials all play a role in creating a powerful message that speaks to the world. Art has the same effect. Just like diamonds, artwork can be extremely mesmerising.

Top 10 Engagement Ring Styles of 2017

When it comes to being in love, no relationship is the same. Therefore no engagement ring should look alike. Just like your love, every engagement ring is unique. Here is a round-up of 2017s Top 10 Engagement Ring Styles.

Best Places to Propose in Cape Town

Are you planning to get engaged, but you haven’t found the perfect proposal location yet? Look no further! Cape Town offers a range of spectacular locations that are just perfect for a magical and unforgettable proposal.

Why Elizabeth Taylor loved diamonds

When it comes to love there’s nothing Elizabeth Taylor didn’t experience. The actress was frequently referred to as a hopeless romantic due to her countless marriages. In her lifetime, Elizabeth got married eight times, twice to the same man. But, it wasn’t her romances with men that truly made headlines.