Fancy Colour Diamond Blogs

Top Fancy Colour Diamonds from South Africa

Even though diamonds are prized as the quintessential colourless stone, they’re also found in a variety of different colours such as blue, pink, yellow diamonds. In fact, South Africa is home to some of the rarest and most valuable natural fancy colour diamonds in the world.

What does your diamond colour say about you?

A diamond is truly a remarkable piece of nature. Not only does a diamond represent a lifetime of love and devotion, but it also has a unique colour, which symbolises a special meaning. In nature diamonds are found in various shades of colour such as bright yellow, alluring blue, enchanting green and the rarest of them all, red diamonds.

Why aren’t all diamonds white in colour?

Imagine holding a beautiful diamond in the palm of your hand. What is the very first characteristic you envision the diamond to have? For most individuals, the very first thought that jumps to mind is a sparkly colourless gemstone you usually find on an engagement ring.

Biggest Diamond auctions of 2016

Last year’s diamond auction debuted many ups and downs. For example, a lot of high-profile gemstones and jewellery collections didn’t manage to sell, while other items set new price records. For the past few years, pink and blue diamonds have become the highest sellers in the market. This year a rare green diamond also made the list of becoming one of the biggest sellers.