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Top Five Royal Engagement Rings

It’s not a royal proposal without the memorable moment being accompanied by an extraordinary diamond engagement ring. When a member of the royal family gets down on one knee they assure the one-of-a-kind engagement involves a remarkable diamond ring.

Top Fancy Colour Diamonds from South Africa

Even though diamonds are prized as the quintessential colourless stone, they’re also found in a variety of different colours such as blue, pink, yellow diamonds. In fact, South Africa is home to some of the rarest and most valuable natural fancy colour diamonds in the world.

The resemblance between The Hope Diamond and the Heart of the Ocean

After watching the hit film, Titanic viewers fell in love with the romantic storyline as well as the remarkable Heart of the Ocean; a necklace Kate Winslet’s character, Rose wore in the film. Even though the gorgeous Heart of the Ocean is only a fictional diamond, there is a one of a kind blue diamond that comes close to its beauty.

Former First Ladies and their remarkable jewellery collection

Unlike their husband, these former First Ladies all wore remarkable jewellery items to make a political statement. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright recently said, “Jewellery had become part of my personal diplomatic arsenal…I do believe the right symbol [jewellery] at the correct time can add warmth or needed edge.”