V&A Waterfront, Cape Town Aquarium, and Cape Town Diamond Museum

Top 10 Indoor Attractions in Cape Town

It may be raining (and even snowing) in Cape Town, but that doesn’t mean you can't explore all the wonderful treasures the Mother City has to offer. Cape Town offers a great selection of indoor activities for the chilly winter months.
graphic representation of inclusions in diamonds

Natural Inclusions in Diamonds

Almost every diamond display tiny ‘birthmarks’, called inclusions, which occur naturally when the diamond was formed deep within the earth. These inclusions act as nature’s fingerprint and give each diamond its unique character.
Crown Jewelles

Royal Jewels

Jewellery and precious gems have played an important role for royal families all over the world - from ancient times until modern day. While the world celebrates the birth of the first child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, George Alexander Louis – who will be in-line for the British throne – we take a look at some of the world’s royal gems and jewels that are rich in history and beauty.
Cape Town Diamond Museum Durban Tourism Indaba 2013 banner

Tourism Indaba Wrap Up

The Cape Town Diamond Museum was privileged to be an exhibitor at the prestigious Tourism Indaba at the ICC in Durban from 11 to 14 May 2013. Being one of the largest tourism marketing events on the African calendar and showcasing a wide variety of South Africa’s best tourism products, we were fortunate to meet delegates from all over the world and make valuable connections with other exhibitors.
International Museum Day banner 2016

Celebrate International Museum Day on 18 May 2013

In celebration of International Museum Day on 18th May 2013, the Cape Town Diamond Museum invites you to bring along your friends and family to experience, explore, discover and learn about the wonderful world of diamonds with complimentary entrance to the museum on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th May.

Oldest substance known to man

The Cape Town Diamond Museum will have on display at the Tourism Indaba some rare specimens dating 3.5 billion years old. Visitors are invited to view Peridotite, a dense, coarse-grained igneous rock that is the oldest substance known to man.
3 Billion Year Old Portrait of a Woman diamond

3 Billion Year Old Portrait of a Woman

From the Mona Lisa to Whistler’s Mother – portraits of women have always held intrigue and mystery. If a 500 year old portrait of a woman can be so entrancing, can you imagine the story that lies beneath a 3 billion year old portrait?
Durban Tourism Indaba 2013 banner

Visit us at the Tourism Indaba 2013

The Tourism Indaba is one of the largest tourism marketing events on the African calendar and will take place from 11 – 14 May 2013 at the Albert Luthuli Convention Centre (Durban ICC).
Large red diamond

Red Diamonds - The rarest of them all

Diamonds can occur in almost all colours of the spectrum, with yellow being the most common of all the fancy coloured diamonds. Although all natural fancy coloured diamonds are extremely rare, none are more so than the red diamond.