Should Diamond Ring Brands Matter?

Branded diamond cuts have been around for more than a decade. The exquisite designs of a diamond cut are most certainly alluring and consider extremely important. A reason why the GIA has recently announced that they will introduce branded-cut names to their grading reports.
Popular Diamonds in Movies - CTDM

Top 10 Most Popular Diamonds In Movies

Diamonds have played a very important role in some of Hollywood’s most iconic movies. The remarkable gemstones are constantly used to spark our imagination and captivate our attention while partaking in an interesting storyline.

5 Fascinating Facts About Red Diamonds

A diamond is truly one of the most remarkable gemstones known to humankind. For many years, a diamond has been treasured for its unique characteristics and exquisite beauty. One of the most remarkable qualities of a diamond is the colour. Even though a colourless diamond is considered extremely rare, natural fancy colour diamonds are in a category of its own.
Fascinating Terms Used To Describe Diamonds

Fun Terms Used To Describe Diamonds

For many years, diamonds have been cherished and celebrated for their magical appearance and beauty. To explain a diamond's extraordinary existence ancient cultures came up with a series of fascinating legends. For example, ancient Hindus believed diamonds were weapons of god, while Buddhists thought diamonds represent spiritual clarity and transcendence.
When you commit to an investment, you should have a long-term view.

Is A Diamond A Good Investment

For many years, diamonds have been the true symbol of special occasions and memorable moments. Not only is a diamond truly remarkable, but it’s also considered a good, hard-asset investment. With a growing demand of an estimated 2% worldwide, 2018 is considered one of the best years ever to invest in a diamond.
The degree of fluorescence in a diamond, from None to Very Strong as seen under UV light

Fluorescence in Diamonds

Fluorescence is a diamond characteristic that is often misunderstood. The reason? Before you purchase a diamond you may have noticed the term “fluorescence” on the diamond certificate and wondered whether fluorescence in a diamond is a good or bad thing.

5 Things You Need To Do With Your Dad

Being a father is about experiencing things like you’ve never experienced it before. The moments you share together is what truly adds value to your life and his. This Father’s Day 2018 make sure to spoil your father with a memorable experience the both of you will be able to enjoy.
A synthetic diamond looks and feels like a natural diamond

Real diamonds vs synthetic diamonds

For the first time in 130 years, De Beers will be selling synthetic diamonds for a tenth of the price. To the naked eye, a synthetic diamond and a real diamond might look similar, but the two have a few different characteristics. Natural or real diamonds were formed around 150km-200km below the earth’s crust over 3 billion years ago, while synthetic, lab-grown diamonds are created by man.
Only a handful of countries naturally produce diamonds.

Diamond Mining Around the World

The beauty of a diamond is truly unbelievable. But did you know the source of a diamond is almost just as incredible? While diamonds have been discovered in approximately 35 countries worldwide, Southern Africa remains one of the leading diamond producers in the world with South Africa widely regarded for its top quality diamond deposits.