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Celebrate International Museum Day on 18 May 2013

In celebration of International Museum Day on 18th May 2013, the Cape Town Diamond Museum invites you to bring along your friends and family to experience, explore, discover and learn about the wonderful world of diamonds with complimentary entrance to the museum on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th May.

This year, the theme of the International Museum Day will be: Museums (memory + creativity) = social change. Established in 1977 by the International Council of Museum, the day aims to raise awareness on how museums are integral to the development of society, and a day where international recognition is given to museums for their contribution to our world’s culture.

On your personal tour through the Diamond Museum, you can look forward to experiencing first-hand South Africa’s significant contribution to the international diamond industry. Explore the history of the South African diamond rush and see life-size replicas of the world’s most famous diamonds. You can even walk through a replica mine shaft, complete with realistic sound and lighting.

The entire journey of diamonds is tracked, from mine to finger – how they were shaped billions of years ago deep beneath the earth’s surface to how they are cut and polished. The cutting and polishing process can be viewed first-hand at the museum, making it the place to visit, whether you are a diamond fundi or simply appreciate the perfect beauty of the glittering stones.

For bookings please call 021 421 2488.

International Museum Day 18 May 2013 - Complimentary admission to the Cape Town Diamond Museum