What your diamond shape says about you

Before you get down on one knee it’s important to consider what the shape of a diamond in your ring represents. Ask questions like, does it suit her style? Is it a shape that will reflect her personality? It’s good to keep this in mind as the diamond shape speaks volumes of the individual itself. To know more about diamond shapes and what they say about her read the article below:

round cut diamond

Round Diamond

When it comes to the design and shape of engagement rings many women prefer a round brilliant cut diamond. It has 57 facets in total giving it maximum shine. A woman with a round brilliant diamond can usually be described as traditional and sincere.

princess cut diamond

Princess Diamond

In the world of diamonds the princess cut is the most preferred diamond shape after the round brilliant cut. Brides usually fall in love with this square shape, because they’re looking for something traditional yet different. A woman with a princess cut diamond ring is considered clever and fun-loving.

emerald cut diamond

Emerald Diamond

The emerald cut diamond is probably one of the most unique stone shapes around. The diamond has step-like facets making it prone to revealing any inclusions it might have. All the more reason why the perfect craftsman should be in control when cutting and polishing this diamond cut. The cut has an open table and step facets making it a one of a kind shape. Women who fall in love with this shape are generally more technical in nature with a keen eye for design. They also like to take risks and they’re open to the unexpected.

cushion cut diamond

Cushion Diamond

The cushion cut is essentially a square cut with rounded sides making it softer than a princess cut, but not as round as a round brilliant cut diamond. The diamond shape is considered to be an antique cut with a very distinctive look. A bride with a cushion cut diamond is considered to be romantic, brave and trustworthy.

Asscher cut diamond

Asscher Diamond

The asscher (or square emerald cut) diamond is described as a more traditional choice when it comes to ring shapes. The vintage cut became wildly popular after Carrie Bradshaw, a character from Sex and City, debuted the ring shape in the show. The modern asscher has around 74 facets offering a sense of sophistication. A bride with the asscher shape diamond is seen as elegant and feminine.

asscher cut diamond (square emerald cut diamond)

Radiant Diamond

If you’re looking to catch the light in a big way, the radiant cut diamond is for you. The timeless stone is a good bridge between the princess and cushion cut diamond. The shape is similar to the emerald cut diamond except for the arrangements of facets, allowing for a lot more sparkle. A bride with a radiant cut diamond can be described as traditional and unwavering.

hear cut diamond

Heart Diamond

For the more romantic at heart brides the heart shape diamond ring is for you. Not only is the heart shape diamond truly unique, but it’s also the unmistakeable symbol of love. Brides who are looking to make a statement should opt for a ring shape like this. The heart shape diamond is also popular in a form of a solitaire pendant. A bride with this shape is considered to be sentimental and passionate by nature.

oval cut diamond

Oval Diamond

The oval shape diamond can have just as many facets as a round brilliant cut diamond offering similar fire, brilliance and scintillation. Brides who are drawn to this beautiful diamond shape tend to be sophisticated and enjoy things that are one of a kind.

marquise cut diamond

Marquise Diamond

The marquise shape diamond has an elongated body with pointed sides. It can often appear larger than life due to its unique shape. The shape is designed to maximise the weight of the carats making it popular amongst brides who like to be a bit dramatic. They also enjoy being amusing!

Pear cut diamond

Pear Diamond

The pear diamond, also known as the teardrop, is a combination of a round and marquise shape diamond. The unique shape is considered by many to be very beautiful to the eye. Brides who prefer the pear shape diamond are easy going and peaceful. They’re also open to the idea of two things being one.

With a variety of diamond shapes and cuts, your future bride will be spoiled for choice. Make sure you select the right diamond shape that will suit her style and match her unique personality.