A diamond is part of a lasting piece of jewellery that will never go out of style.

From Medieval times to the 21st century, diamonds have always been one of the most durable and extraordinary gemstones. It’s doesn’t matter the time period, a diamond will always remain a fashionable jewellery creation. Even though the cut and setting of a diamond might have changed over the years, a diamond still remains a remarkable symbol of love. Here’s a look into the diamond ring trends over the years, and how much it has changed through history:


In 1477 Mary of Burgundy was given the first diamond engagement ring from the Archduke Maximilian of Austria.

One of the first diamonds to be discovered was an estimated 3000 years ago in India. But, it was only until the 11th century that diamonds were transformed into beautiful faceted gemstones. The first time diamonds were used as jewellery creations was when the Hungarian queen’s crown was filled with a wide selection of them. In 1477 Mary of Burgundy was given the first diamond engagement ring from the Archduke Maximilian of Austria. This started the lifelong tradition of asking your significant other’s hand in marriage by using a diamond ring.


Rubies and emeralds used to be extremely popular during the medieval period.

During the Medieval period in Europe, jewellery was used to classify your status in society. The aristocrats wore the most remarkable jewellery creations, while the rest of the citizens wore pewter and copper. At the time, a gemstone was not cut or polished. Back then, the gemstones were imported to Europe with rubies and emeralds being amongst everyone’s favourite. Even though the gemstones were not cut or polished, they were often engraved.


The Renaissance period was the constant pursuit of beauty.

A well-known aspect of the Renaissance period was the constant quest for beauty. It was during this period jewellery became an object of ornamentation, which symbolised a person’s wealth. As diamonds became more popular in the Renaissance, the art of faceted gemstones was on the up rise. The jewellery also imitated real-life objects like animals, lizards, parrots or pelicans.


Throughout time a diamond has remained a remarkable creation from nature.

After the well-known diamond rush in South Africa diamonds were more easily accessible, changing the jewellery industry forever. The diamond trends were highly affected by the political stands during the 20th century.

In the 1910s – During the second part of the 20th-century diamond rings consists of yellow gold bands with a solitaire diamond.

In the 1920s – In the 20th century the diamond rings came with an intrinsic lace-style design with a diamond infused in the metal setting.

In the 1930s – As much as the Art Deco theme inspired buildings, it also inspired diamond jewellery designs.

In the 1940s – During this time, white gold became widely popular for jewellery creations. The metal setting of the ring was incorporated with the vintage Edwardian style.

In the 1950s – In the 50s there were a lot of options post-war when it came to jewellery making. There were various metals available from white gold, yellow gold, and platinum along with any diamond shape.

In the 1960s – Due to the post-war boom, platinum became extremely popular in the 60s.

In the 1970s – During the 70s, rings were designed to show off clusters of diamonds.

In the 1980s – The 80s is known for its flamboyant style that influenced the jewellery design industry significantly. One of the most popular looks was a busy baguette diamond on a chunky gold setting.

In the 1990s – The most popular diamond ring trend in the 90s was the radiant-cut diamond.

The 21st century – It was during the 21st century that a wide variety of diamond designs were introduced. From halo diamond rings to a classic solitaire ring, there’s a wide variety of ring designs available. Diamond rings are also available with a wide selection of metals such as white, yellow and rose gold and platinum. Diamonds are also available in different shapes and sizes.

Over the years, diamond jewellery designs have changed significantly due to the discovery of new metals and diamond cutting techniques. Even though ring designs might have changed and certain styles were in fashion, a diamond remains a creation you can treasure forever.

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