Celebrities who bought their own diamond jewellery, and why you should too

Centuries ago, diamonds represented strength and the immutability of power. As time went on, these precious stones became a symbol of everlasting love and commitment between two people, usually gifted by men to women.

Today, women are as likely to buy their own diamond jewellery for fun, as an investment or to celebrate personal and professional milestone outside of marriage and the birth of children. In fact, it’s estimated that up to a third of all diamond purchases globally are by financially independent women who are buying jewels for themselves to represent hope, strength and determination. This is a result of women’s increasing economic power as well as the growing number of women who are not in relationships. Many women believe that buying their own diamonds is the ultimate feminist status symbol and can be an empowering way to express their self-worth.

When Anne Fulenwider, the Editor in Chief of Marie Claire USA, received the ACE Media Award on behalf of Marie Claire at the Accessories Council’s Award Ceremony she said: “Today nearly half the workforce is comprised of women. Do you know what that means? That means women aren’t waiting around for men to give them little boxes! They’re buying them for themselves. And they are wearing those statement pieces and handbags and shoes like the Olympic medals that they’ve been earned. And when you earn something, you prize it, you delight in it, you savour it.”

Sisters are certainly doing it for themselves, and these leading ladies in Hollywood are in on the buying act…

Rachel Zoe

Celebrities Buy Own Diamond Jewels | Cape Town Diamond Museum

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe is known for her impeccable taste in fashion and jewellery. “I had wanted diamond studs since I was 15-years old,” explained Zoe. “When I became successful, I finally bought a pair. They are not massive or tiny, they are perfect and I still wear them almost every day.” One of the many beautiful diamond rings in her collection is an Art Deco design she eyed for a long time before ultimately purchasing it. “I wear it all the time,” she said. “I look at it and I love it and I know that I earned it and bought it for myself and something about that makes it feel even better.” On her reasons why she loves diamond, she adds: “None of them are the same. Diamonds are perfect for absolutely for any moment in your life. They’re real. They’re rare. They’re natural. There’s no better investment. The amount of joy you get from wearing your diamond is priceless.”

Jessica Biel

Celebrities Buy Own Diamond Jewels | Cape Town Diamond Museum

Actress Jessica Biel bought her first pair of diamond studs after breaking up with a boyfriend when she was a freshman in college. “I thought, Forget him, I am going to splurge,” the actress said. “I felt so empowered buying my own bling.”

Diane Kruger

Celebrities Buy Own Diamond Jewels | Cape Town Diamond Museum

Actress Diane Kruger enjoys buying diamond jewellery for herself because “it connects you to a memory”.

Megan Markle

Celebrities Buy Own Diamond Jewels | Cape Town Diamond Museum

The Duchess of Sussex purchased a teardrop diamond pendant in a pavé setting for herself, which reflected her individuality – a motivating factor for any woman buying her own diamond jewellery. She wore the $418 diamond pendant, which added a beautiful touch of sparkle to her emerald green outfit, for a daytime outing with Prince Harry.

Sofia Coppola

Celebrities Buy Own Diamond Jewels | Cape Town Diamond Museum

Director Sofia Coppola likes to buy herself a “treat”—meaning jewellery—after completing a big project.  One of her first purchases was a gold and diamond watch she splurged on after making Marie Antoinette.

Debra Messing

Celebrities Buy Own Diamond Jewels | Cape Town Diamond Museum

Will & Grace comedy star Debra Messing, who is known to be a serious jewellery collector, celebrated her 40th birthday with a pair of antique 5-carat diamond earrings for herself.

Maria Sharapova

Celebrities Buy Own Diamond Jewels | Cape Town Diamond Museum

Tennis star Maria Sharapova, who likes to shop for her own jewellery while on tour, first got the bug for buying her own jewellery after she received a diamond and platinum Bubble ring. “It started my whole collection,” she said.

Lena Horne

Joan Fontaine

The Adventurine star purchased beautiful gold bracelets with graduated old European-cut diamonds.

Oprah Winfrey

Joan Fontaine

The epitome of “girl power” – actress, producer and philanthropist, Oprah Winfrey, is a passionate collector of fine diamond jewellery with her collection estimated to be worth over $100 million.

Joan Fontaine

Celebrities Buy Own Diamond Jewels | Cape Town Diamond Museum

Actress Joan Fontaine once explained to a reporter in the 1960s why she had bought all the diamond jewellery in her collection. “Somehow I was the kind of girl to whom husbands—and other men, too—gave copper frying pans,” she said.

Elizabeth Taylor

Influential Women and Their Diamond Jewellery | Cape Town Diamond Museum

Famous for receiving many diamond jewels as gifts, this actress also bought her own diamonds. One piece she picked up at the Duchess of Windsor auction in 1987. The jewels were being sold to benefit AIDS research, a cause close to Taylor’s heart. She also had a personal connection to a diamond feather and gold coronet brooch called the Wales Plumes. Taylor and her former husband, Welsh actor Richard Burton, had admired it when they were dining with the Windsors in Paris. When Taylor got the brooch for a massive $623,000 at the auction, she told the press that she was glad it went for such a high price, because the money was for a good cause.

Why you should buy your own diamonds…

There is no doubt that women have a more powerful voice and global spending than ever before, and the trend towards greater female empowerment is only set to grow further in the diamond jewellery market.

So, why should you buy your own diamonds? Simply put, because you’re worth it. If, as Oscar Wilde quipped, ‘loving oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance’, that’s a love affair that’s worthy of a beautiful diamond jewellery piece.

Buying a diamond for the person you love the most – yourself – is rewarding in an intrinsic kind of way, and brings in a certain energy and emotion. No matter how big or small it is, choosing your very own diamond jewels is an exciting moment in life. You are able to choose something that reflects who you are as a woman, and how you are able to achieve your goals in life, love and career. Most importantly, it is full of emotional and sentimental value

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