Diamond Song Lyrics by Female Pop Stars

As a symbol of love, strength and prosperity, diamonds have inspired a variety of artists for so many years, contributing to the luxurious lifestyle of the rich so often represented by pop culture. In celebration of Women’s Month, we’re reminiscing of some the most scintillating songs about diamonds performed by a few of Hollywood’s most powerful women. After all, diamonds are a girl’s (or woman’s) best friend! And in many ways, a woman can be described as a diamond – unique, flawless, strong and brilliant.

Diamond Song Lyrics By Female Pop Stars | Cape Town Diamond Museum

Destiny’s Child – Independent Women Part 1 (2000)

Diamond Song Lyrics By Female Pop Stars | Cape Town Diamond Museum

When this song comes up, we can’t help but turn up the volume and turn down our windows. Right? Did you know the fabulous and fierce anthem was originally released as part of the soundtrack to the hit movie Charlie’s Angels? It was also later included on Destiny’s Child’s third album Survivor due to its popularity. It went on to become the group’s longest-running number one hit before they called it quits in 2006. Beyoncé was the leader of Destiny’s Child, co-writing and producing most of the songs on this album.

The narrative of the Independent Women song details the group members’ independence in relationships. They talk about how they don’t need a man to buy them things because they can buy anything, they want for themselves. While this doesn’t mean they would shun relationships, they simply mean it’s an equal split where she doesn’t need to rely on him and vice versa.

Some of the Independent Women lyrics are:

“I buy my own diamonds and I buy my own rings.”

“The rock I’m rockin’, I’ve bought it. ‘Cause I depend on me if I want it.”

“All the women, who are independent, throw your hands up at me. All the honeys, who making money, throw your hands up at me.”

Lady Gaga – Diamond Heart (2016)

Diamond Song Lyrics By Female Pop Stars | Cape Town Diamond Museum

Lady Gaga’s autobiographical track from Joanne is about chasing the American dream and doing whatever it takes to achieve her goals. It references her teen years when she was a “young, wild” go-go dancer with a “diamond heart” – a job she had before she became a famous artist.

The title, “Diamond Heart,” is a reference to Lady Gaga’s engagement ring from former fiancé Taylor Kinney, who proposed to her on Valentine’s Day with a diamond ring that is shaped like a heart. She and Kinney broke off their engagement in July 2016, just three months before Joanne dropped.

Some of the lyrics to Diamond Heart are:

“Oh, I

I might not be flawless, but you know

I gotta diamond heart”

Ariana Grande – 7 Rings (2019)

Diamond Song Lyrics By Female Pop Stars | Cape Town Diamond Museum

Who doesn’t love this song? “7 rings,” which features Ariana Grande singing about money and many other luxuries, including diamonds and houses, is the second official single from her fifth studio album, thank u, next. The song title is in reference to a collection of matching friendship rings Ariana and six of her friends bought in New York.

Some of the 7 Rings lyrics are:

“Yeah, breakfast at Tiffany’s and bottles of bubbles

Girls with tattoos who like getting in trouble

Lashes and diamonds, ATM machines

Buy myself all of my favorite things (Yeah)”

“I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it (Yeah)”

“Wearing a ring, but ain’t gon’ be no “Mrs.”

Bought matching diamonds for six of my {friends}”

Kylie Minogue – White Diamond (2007)

Diamond Song Lyrics By Female Pop Stars | Cape Town Diamond Museum

The song was first introduced during the 2007 documentary White Diamond: A Personal Portrait of Kylie Minogue and tackles the Australian pop icon’s battle with breast cancer. Kylie compares herself to a white diamond, staying strong and brilliant under rough conditions.

Some of the White Diamond lyrics are:

“Understand I will be there for you

Understand I’m a diamond for you

A white diamond for you”

“What you see and what it seems

Are nothing more than dreams within a dream

Like a pure white diamond

I’ll shine on and on and on”

Rihanna – Diamonds (2012)

Diamond Song Lyrics By Female Pop Stars | Cape Town Diamond Museum

This chart-topping hit is certainly one of the most well-known and catchiest songs about diamonds. It was written by Sia in just 14 minutes. It was released as the lead single from Rihanna’s seventh studio album, Unapologetic, and became her twelfth number-one in the US.

The lyrics are about hope, empowerment and love. Rihanna believes that true feelings make people shine from inside brighter than ever, like a diamond. The diamond here serves as a symbol of happiness. When asked about the meaning of the song, Rihanna replied, “I think a lot of people are afraid of being happy because of what others might think of it. They’re afraid to embrace that and embrace themselves and love themselves and do what they love and do what makes them happy.”

Some of the Diamonds lyrics are: 

“You and I, we’re like diamonds in the sky. You’re a shooting star I see, a vision of ecstasy. When you hold me I’m alive. We’re like diamonds in the sky”

“So, shine bright, tonight. You and I, we’re beautiful, like diamonds in the sky.”

“Shine bright like a diamond”

Enya – Diamonds on the Water (2015)

Diamond Song Lyrics By Female Pop Stars | Cape Town Diamond Museum

Enya’s unmistakable and unique vocals have the power to instantly relax and calm the mood. “Diamonds on the Water” moves through a selection of musical landscapes.

In an interview, Enya had this to say about the track: “We’ve always had elements of nature: ‘The memory of Trees’, ‘A Day Without Rain’, ‘Echoes in Rain’. I do a lot of walking and you take that moment. ‘Diamonds on the Water’ is from one of my walks when the sun causes the shimmering and the diamonds on the water. It’s very visual.”

Some of the Diamonds on the Water lyrics are:

“Listen to the river

It echoes softly

Drifting in my memories

The sound of Summer

The diamonds on the water, are falling from the sun. The diamonds on the water.”

With so much dazzling beauty and symbolic meaning behind this precious gem, it’s easy to see why pop stars are inspired to use references to diamonds in song lyrics. From the Cape Town Diamond Museum, we wish you a Happy Women’s Month and may you always shine bright like a diamond.