The Desert Rose Ring on Display

The Desert Rose Ring | The Cape Town Diamond Museum

The Desert Rose Ring, Available to View at the Cape Town Diamond Museum

In celebration of the Cape Town Diamond Museum’s 8th birthday on 23 November 2019, we are unveiling a truly magnificent diamond jewellery masterpiece – the Desert Rose Ring – which will be on display from December 2019.

Featured as the showstopping piece at the Protagonist exhibition at the prestigious Salon Art New York 2019 event, this spectacular creation was designed and crafted by CEO and Founder, Yair Shimansky himself. Best known for the Millennium design collection and patented My Girl diamond cut, Shimansky Jewellers is a world-renowned leader in the art of fine jewellery craftsmanship.

About the Design

The Desert Rose Ring | The Cape Town Diamond Museum

The Desert Rose Features 798 Ethically Sourced South African Diamonds

The Shimansky Desert Rose Ring was inspired by South Africa and sustainable jewellery designs. It features an astounding 798 ethically sourced South African diamonds, totalling 24.13ct, complemented by 42 tsavorite (a vibrant green garnet from East-Africa), weighing 3.11ct. The centrepiece is an alluring desert rose crystal from Namibia, enclosed by “petals” of gold and diamonds with “stamens” of gold and tsavorite. The design is set in 58.80g 18ct gold, giving it a shining golden hue to resemble the beautiful yellow dunes of the desert.

With a current retail value of $42,000 (R619 697), the Shimansky Desert Rose is as exquisite as it is valuable, and simply must be viewed to be truly appreciated.

The Story Behind the Name

The Desert Rose Ring | The Cape Town Diamond Museum

The Ring’s Centerpiece is an Alluring Desert Rose Crystal from Namibia

The ring gets its name from the desert rose, which is the central focus of the design. A desert rose is not a rose at all, but rather a mineral which crystalises in a unique rosette growth pattern. In a desert, any rain that falls quickly evaporates, and the minerals can no longer stay dissolved, and come out as solid minerals. The gypsum or baryte often forms these interlocking plate crystals (called twinning), which are shaped like prisms or flat plates, and can grow up to 1 metre in rosette-shaped aggregates called desert roses. These gypsum rosettes form very rapidly in that they form in tens to hundreds of years. Traditionally, desert roses are valued for metaphysical properties and have been popular with shaman throughout history.

See the Desert Rose Ring

The Desert Rose Ring | The Cape Town Diamond Museum

Visit The Clock Tower for a Tour of the Cape Town Diamond Museum

Locals and internationals alike who visit the Mother City, can view the incredible Desert Rose Ring up-close in person once it goes on display at the Cape Town Diamond Museum from December 2019. Book a tour today and learn more about the fascinating world of diamonds. The museum is open daily from 9am to 9pm at the V&A Waterfront Clock Tower.