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The Diamonds That Have Seen Queen Elizabeth Through The Longest Reign

As Queen Elizabeth takes her place as the longest reigning monarch in this history of British royalty, we take a look at the glorious crown jewels that she has worn for over 63 years, that have been the very centre of her sovereignty and marked some of the most important milestones during her time on the throne.

Phosphorescent diamonds help identify fakes and frauds

Beautiful and rare, natural diamonds are extremely valuable, which makes them a widespread and obvious target for thieves, and fake diamonds that look real (most of which do, even to the expert eye) often sell at a high price too. But after observing the afterglow of the world’s largest deep-blue diamond, experts discovered a unique method to pick out synthetic diamonds from natural gems and help identify stolen diamonds.

Natural Fancy Diamonds Unearthed

Mother Nature’s most precious gifts, natural fancy coloured diamonds of all colours are rare, but can rarely be found in nature. Varying in colours from red (the most rare) to pink, blue, green, orange, green, yellow and even brown, fancy coloured diamonds do not fall into the white diamond colour range and are extremely uncommon and valuable.

International Diamond Day

Discover more about the world’s most precious gem this Tuesday, 12 August 2014, as we celebrate International Diamond Day. Enjoy an unforgettable experience in the heart of the famous Clock Tower precinct at the Waterfront and receive a guided tour from a diamond professional through the museum.