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Celebrity Heart-Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings | Cape Town Diamond Museum

Romantic and eye-catching, heart-shaped diamond engagement rings are ideal for those who love the spotlight. And who better to pull one off than a celebrity?

Celebrity Black Diamond Engagement Rings & Jewellery

A round-up of celebrity black diamond engagement rings that are as unique, beautiful and unconventional as the stars themselves.

The Origin of Black Diamonds

There is a lot that scientists don’t understand about black diamonds, especially where on Earth they come from… If they come from Earth at all. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and intriguing theories of where black diamonds come from.

The Fascinating History of Diamond Cutting

You may already know that diamonds are a “girls’ best friend”, but do you know the fascinating history behind how diamond cutting evolved over time? The sparkling diamonds we see today didn’t look the same throughout history.