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Celebrity Black Diamond Engagement Rings & Jewellery

A round-up of celebrity black diamond engagement rings that are as unique, beautiful and unconventional as the stars themselves.

The Origin of Black Diamonds

There is a lot that scientists don’t understand about black diamonds, especially where on Earth they come from… If they come from Earth at all. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and intriguing theories of where black diamonds come from.

The Fascinating History of Diamond Cutting

You may already know that diamonds are a “girls’ best friend”, but do you know the fascinating history behind how diamond cutting evolved over time? The sparkling diamonds we see today didn’t look the same throughout history.

Top 10 Facts about Black Diamonds

Are you curious about black diamonds? These dark beauties are truly fascinating and are filled with mystery and intrigue! Here are top 10 facts about black diamonds that you probably didn’t know…