Black Diamond Blogs

Remember these famous movie scenes with diamonds?

It’s hard to forget the glance of a beautiful diamond, especially in some of Hollywood’s most memorable and famous movie scenes. In most of the cases, the striking diamond is what made the scene so unforgettable and spectacular.

Why aren’t all diamonds white in colour?

Imagine holding a beautiful diamond in the palm of your hand. What is the very first characteristic you envision the diamond to have? For most individuals, the very first thought that jumps to mind is a sparkly colourless gemstone you usually find on an engagement ring.

Black Diamonds 101

What is the opposite of a brilliant white diamond that reflects light and sparkles brilliantly with every move you make? A light-absorbing, captivating black diamond of course. Appropriately mysterious given their colour, less is known about black diamonds than the colourless diamonds we traditionally use in diamonds.