Fancy Colour Diamond Blogs

Biggest Diamond auctions of 2016

Last year’s diamond auction debuted many ups and downs. For example, a lot of high-profile gemstones and jewellery collections didn’t manage to sell, while other items set new price records. For the past few years, pink and blue diamonds have become the highest sellers in the market. This year a rare green diamond also made the list of becoming one of the biggest sellers.

Natural Fancy Diamonds Unearthed

Mother Nature’s most precious gifts, natural fancy coloured diamonds of all colours are rare, but can rarely be found in nature. Varying in colours from red (the most rare) to pink, blue, green, orange, green, yellow and even brown, fancy coloured diamonds do not fall into the white diamond colour range and are extremely uncommon and valuable.

The World’s Most Expensive Diamond Ring, Necklace and Bracelet

Have you ever wondered which diamond creations are the most coveted in the whole world? Well, we’ve got the answers right here. Read on to learn about the world’s most expensive diamond ring, necklace and bracelet and what makes them so precious.