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What is a brilliant cut diamond?

Have you ever heard the expression, Rome wasn’t built in a day? The same applies to the creation of the perfect diamond cut. Today, the most popular diamond shape for an engagement ring is the round brilliant cut diamond.

For the love of art and diamonds

When it comes to diamonds, the symbolic meaning is just as powerful as the stone itself. The shapes, textures and materials all play a role in creating a powerful message that speaks to the world. Art has the same effect. Just like diamonds, artwork can be extremely mesmerising.

Top 10 Engagement Ring Styles of 2017

When it comes to being in love, no relationship is the same. Therefore no engagement ring should look alike. Just like your love, every engagement ring is unique. Here is a round-up of 2017s Top 10 Engagement Ring Styles.

Discover diamonds during the 2017 Mining Indaba

Once again the world’s most influential stakeholders in African mining will come together for the annual Cape Town Mining Indaba 2017.