Diamond Blogs

The anatomy of a diamond

One of the most important characteristics of a diamond is the cut. The cut of a diamond determines the fire, brilliance and scintillation of the gemstone. If, a diamond is cut incorrectly it will result in a dull and muted appearance. When cut to perfect proportion and symmetry, a diamond will radiate a brilliance second to none.

Remember these famous movie scenes with diamonds?

It’s hard to forget the glance of a beautiful diamond, especially in some of Hollywood’s most memorable and famous movie scenes. In most of the cases, the striking diamond is what made the scene so unforgettable and spectacular.

Brilliant cuts vs step cuts

It’s truly remarkable to see a diamond being transformed from a rough diamond into a beautiful faceted gem. It’s especially fascinating to see the various diamonds shapes and cuts that are polished from a rough diamond. There are essentially two broad types of diamond cuts, a brilliant cut and a step cut.

How should you read a GIA diamond certificate?

When it comes to a diamond the characteristics play a tremendous role in the value and uniqueness of the gemstone. Therefore, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) established a global standard to which a diamond’s characteristics is measured; these measurements include the clarity, carat weight, cut and colour (known as the 4Cs of diamond grading).