Diamond Blogs

What does your birthstone say about you?

During the Middle Ages, ancient healers believed all gemstones had special powers; the precious stones either had the ability to assist with health, wealth or luck. However, during this time the value of the gemstone didn’t play an important role, but rather the colour.

All you need to know about ethical diamond mining

In 2006 a film called, Blood Diamond, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, took the entire world by storm. Not only did the movie bring unethical diamond mining to everyone’s attention, but it gave a very powerful message regarding conflict diamonds.

What does it take to be a diamond cutter?

When it comes to your engagement ring, there’s more to the diamond than meets the eye. Not only does it take multiple steps before the stone features on your ring, but it also takes the handiwork of a skilful craftsman, i.e. a talented diamond cutter. But what exactly does it take to be a diamond cutter?

Why aren’t all diamonds white in colour?

Imagine holding a beautiful diamond in the palm of your hand. What is the very first characteristic you envision the diamond to have? For most individuals, the very first thought that jumps to mind is a sparkly colourless gemstone you usually find on an engagement ring.