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5 Things You Need To Do With Your Dad

The Show-Stopping Diamonds at the 2018 Golden Globes

When it comes to the Golden Globes no outfit is complete without a jaw-dropping diamond jewellery item or two. This year, the celebrities stepped out onto the red carpet at the 75th Golden Globes in Beverly Hills, California with a variety of the most expensive diamond jewellery pieces.

Father and daughter discover a rare diamond

When Dan Frederick and his daughter, Lauren went to the Crater of Diamonds State Park they didn’t expect to find anything like what they did on 3 October 2016. The adventure seeking duo made a day trip to the Crater of Diamonds State Park; a 911-acre park in America where you’re able to mine for real diamonds.

For the love of art and diamonds

When it comes to diamonds, the symbolic meaning is just as powerful as the stone itself. The shapes, textures and materials all play a role in creating a powerful message that speaks to the world. Art has the same effect. Just like diamonds, artwork can be extremely mesmerising.