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Fascinating uses for diamonds beyond jewellery making

For many years diamonds have been known for brightening up the lives of many due to its ability to transform into beautiful jewellery creations. From a one of a kind engagement ring to a gorgeous pair of earrings, there’s simply no limit to the magnificent gemstone’s beauty.

How diamonds are inscribed

There’s nothing more rewarding than finding the perfect ring for your significant other. This usually entails finding a ring that perfectly represents the love you have for one another, while still complementing her unique personality and style.

The anatomy of a diamond

One of the most important characteristics of a diamond is the cut. The cut of a diamond determines the fire, brilliance and scintillation of the gemstone. If, a diamond is cut incorrectly it will result in a dull and muted appearance. When cut to perfect proportion and symmetry, a diamond will radiate a brilliance second to none.

Does a diamond with more facets sparkle more?

In most cases, it’s considered a good thing to have more, rather than to have less. A reason why most people would easily assume a diamond with more facets will give more sparkle. But, is giving a diamond more facets truly what it takes to achieve more brilliance, fire and scintillation?