Why Engagement Rings Have Diamonds| Cape Town Diamond Museum

Why Are Engagement Rings Made with Diamonds?

Do you know why diamonds are considered the most sought-after gemstone to have for an engagement ring? We take a look at the sparkling history of a diamond and the gemstone came to symbolise everlasting love and commitment.
The History of Engagement Rings | Cape Town Diamond Museum

Engagement Rings Through the Decades

‘I do!’ A look at the engagement rings that have made it up the aisle the most in every decade
Romantic Things to do in Cape Town | Cape Town Diamond Museum

Top 10 Romantic Things to do in Cape Town

As one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Cape Town is your oyster when it comes to unique date ideas and romantic things to do. Here are some of our favourites…
The Desert Rose Ring | The Cape Town Diamond Museum

The Desert Rose Ring on Display

The magnificent Desert Rose Ring is certainly a sight to behold! Discover the remarkable ring design that made waves at the prestigious Salon Art + Design fair alongside Vogue Italia’s ‘The Protagonist’ exhibition in New York. Learn more about this unique jewellery creation and how you can experience its beauty first-hand.
Why a Diamond is the Best Christmas Gift | Cape Town Diamond Museum

Why A Diamond is the Best Christmas Gift

Adding a dazzling diamond underneath the Christmas tree this year is a wonderful way to show a special someone in your life just how much you love her. Read on for the top reasons why a diamond is the best gift for her.
Celebrity Black Diamond Jewellery | Cape Town Diamond Museum

Celebrity Black Diamond Engagement Rings & Jewellery

A round-up of celebrity black diamond engagement rings that are as unique, beautiful and unconventional as the stars themselves.
Top 10 Things to do in Cape Town | Cape Town Diamond Museum

Top 10 Things To Do In Cape Town

Explore the beautiful Mother City with our list of Top 10 Things to Do in Cape Town – from swimming with African penguins to enjoying a lavish high tea.
Origin of Black Diamonds Carbonados | Cape Town Diamond Museum

The Origin of Black Diamonds

There is a lot that scientists don’t understand about black diamonds, especially where on Earth they come from… If they come from Earth at all. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and intriguing theories of where black diamonds come from.
the history of diamond cuts | Shimansky

The Fascinating History of Diamond Cutting

You may already know that diamonds are a “girls’ best friend”, but do you know the fascinating history behind how diamond cutting evolved over time? The sparkling diamonds we see today didn’t look the same throughout history.