CBD is a safe alternative for pain, anxiety, and sleep (Full Episode) | Best Practice

CBD is a safe alternative for pain, anxiety, and sleep (Full Episode) | Best Practice

CBD gummies, capsules, oil, vape, and flower are good options for the treatment of your knee pain, hip pain, hand pain, and back pain due to arthritis if you are not pregnant, nursing, or a child. CBD works for pain relief by functioning as an anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). CBD is a cannabis product, made from hemp, but has no relationship to marijuana (weed). As a medicine for joint pain CBD has benefits that NSAIDs like Aleve and Ibuprofen do not, such as relief of anxiety and sleep problems. There is a growing interest in cannabis products such as CBD; people are even giving CBD to their dogs and cats.

You should decide if CBD (or any drug) is right for you by considering the pyramid of evidence. But the necessary evidence for CBD will never be there because CBD is a natural compound, so the FDA treats it as a supplement. You have to decide on your own. CBD is right for you if the potential side effects are less than the expected benefits.

CBD made from the cannabis product hemp is legal. CBD comes from hemp and is not made from marijuana. Federal law says that hemp products like CBD with less than 3% THC are legal in the US.

CBD can be prepared as gummies, vape, tinctures, flower, oil, or capsule. The main difference between the preparations is the time to onset. Tincture if fast, oil is slow but steady, gummies and capsules are in between.

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