Fascinating Terms Used To Describe Diamonds

A diamond has a variety of fun nicknames used worldwide.

For many years, diamonds have been cherished and celebrated for their magical appearance and beauty. To explain a diamond’s extraordinary existence ancient cultures came up with a series of fascinating legends. For example, ancient Hindus believed diamonds were weapons of god, while Buddhists thought diamonds represent spiritual clarity and transcendence. Today, the majestic beauty of a diamond is explained using a variety of popular and fun terms such as bling and ice. Here are a few commonly used slang words used to explain the appearance of a diamond.


A diamond is often referred to as ice.

Pop culture has an immense impact on diamond jargon and slang words used today. Due to a series of 007 movies, a diamond has been referred to as ‘ice’. And who can forget the hit song ‘Ice Ice Baby’ from Vanilla Ice? But despite the sudden popularity of the diamond term, have you ever wondered why diamonds are called ice? Diamonds are not only called ‘ice’ due to their clear, colourless crystal appearance but because of its ability to conduct heat higher than any other gemstone. This means diamonds are able to pull heat away from any warm object they come in contact with. You can test this by pressing a diamond against your lips or skin – it will give you a cold and icy feeling.


The word ‘bling’ originated from the hip-hop song, Friends by Tupac Shakur.

The word ‘bling’ originated from the hip-hop song, Friends by Tupac Shakur.

Did you know there are two primary reasons why a diamond is referred to as bling? The word ‘bling’ referrers to the sound an old-fashioned cash register makes when you open it; the content of a cash register also indicates that a diamond is of high-value. Bling is also used to describe the sound ‘diamond sparkle’ would’ve made if you walked. But, where did the popular slang word come from? The word ‘bling’ originated from the hip-hop song, Friends by Tupac Shakur. Another famous hip-hop term used today is, bling-bling. This term is used to refer to the over-the-top jewellery of an individual, showing off their wealth.


Diamonds are known to be a girl’s best friend.

Diamonds are known to be a girl’s best friend.

‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,’ is one of the most common used phrases in the world. But where did the catchy phrase come from? The famous line is originally from a jazz song performed by Carol Channing in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1949) but was made famous by Marilyn Monroe in 1953. Up until today, a diamond is still referred to as a girl’s best friend. Rightly so, since every woman would love to receive diamonds she can add to her collection. For many, a diamond holds memories, symbolises love, commitment and remains a gift you can pass on from one generation to the next.


Frost Yourself

‘Frost Yourself’ is another way to say spoil yourself with diamonds. 

In 2003, Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey played in a hit-movie called, ’How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days’. One of the most memorable lines in the movie comes from the diamond campaign Matthew’s character suggested to his boss called, ‘Frost Yourself’. The term suggested, a woman can ‘frost herself’ with all the diamonds she desire. Today, the phrase is used to suggest adding dazzling diamond accessories to your outfit.

Like any best friend, a diamond has a few fun terms describing its unique characteristics and personality. From the word ‘bling’ in hip-hop to the term ‘ice’, the mystical beauty of a diamond has been described in many different ways.